Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My dearest friend, you’ve left me,

Standing all alone,

My body’s numb with sorrow,

I don’t know my way home.

I’m lost, depressed and frightened,

For you’re not here with me,

And somewhere deep inside my heart,

My friend, you’ll always be.

I know you couldn’t help it,

And you didn’t want to go,

But nonetheless you left me,

Sad and all alone.

Although I have my parents,

And other friends so close,

I don’t know why it is,

But I love you, friend, the most.

Your kindness unto others,

Has washed up onto me,

You helped me out when times were tough,

And you helped to make me see.

You have been so good to me,

And as I let you go,

I know you were a true friend,

And for that I love you so.

For as long as I can recognize,

You’ve helped me to be strong,

And given me the courage and faith,

To keep on moving on.

So with my sad and heavy heart,

This part comes to an end,

But I will not say goodbye,

You’ll always be my friend.

Benedicta Goveia


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