Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Dear Friend
Whoever Comes into My Life & Be There
I'm Always Expecting You To Tell Me You're There Too & Just , Be 

Just Because There Are Other People Coming Into My Life
Doesnt Mean The Friend Need To Go Away 
Friends Are Forever
The Closer We Should Be To Our Friends
After All , 
The One That Someone Needs , 
Other Than Family is A Friends Them Like They Always Do
No Matter What Happens

DenaBahrin #Tweet

Friends Come in & Out of Our Lives 
It’s The Memories That Make us Value What We Had

 That’s what the finale of How I Met Your Mother 
The END of Our Friendship Too

Like #Tweet  : I Much Better Without You . No Matter What You Say .
I Won't Come Back

#Noted For Myself

  The Memories Will Remain 

It was The Story of Friendship & Friendship isn’t Always Happy

Thanks You So Much Being My BFF
Sorry , AA 

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